Agricultural Extension Bulletins

For almost six decades the Agricultural Extension Bulletins or Technical Bulletins were a dynamic part of the University of Saskatchewan’s contact with the public.

Gift to University

The U of S has been the recipient of a variety of the odd and unusual.

Association for Advancement of Science

In August 1924, the U of S hosted the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Winston Churchill Visits Campus

Winston Churchill spent about 10 hours in Saskatoon on Aug. 22, 1929. The StarPhoenix described the stop as a “restful visit devoid of public appearances.”

Community Progress

This image pictures Community Progress judges, U of S President Walter Murray and women’s editor of the Western Produce Violet McNaughton, sitting in the foreground with eight women in ethnic dress standing to the rear.

University Co-op School

This image is part of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool’s Everett Baker slide collection housed at the University Archives.

Summer Lecture Tours

This image from around 1935 shows Edith Rowles (on the right) with a Mrs. Alty seated beside her.

Engineering Institute of Canada

With the success of the Allied offensive in Europe dominating the headlines, President Walter Murray welcomed 40 members of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) to the University of Saskatchewan in 1918.

Gasoline Traction Engine Short Course

The first class conducted on campus was the Gasoline Traction Engine Short Course in March 1912.

British Association for the Advancement of Science

Dr. A.L. Lynch (M.D. Saskatoon), Sir David Bruce (President, British Association for the Advancement of Science) and Prof. Seymour Hadwen (University of Saskatchewan) are seated on a bench on Aug. 22, 1924, when the U of S hosted a meeting of the British organization.


In its first three decades, the University of Saskatchewan was famous for its herd of draft horses.

The Hospital That Never Was

This 1914 photo is a view from the south of the proposed “contagious disease hospital” site. The original Engineering Building and University Barn can be seen in the background.

The Campus Consumer Market

From the first day of classes in 1909, those who work and study at the university have been a much coveted market.

Overseas Students

This image is taken from an autograph album that was presented by “overseas students” to the University of Saskatchewan’s second president James S. Thomson in the spring of 1949.

Potato Club

For thousands of Saskatchewan youth, the 4-H Club was their first contact with the University of Saskatchewan.

Student Recruitment

This recruitment advertisement for the university appeared in the 1921 Canadian Annual Review.

Summer School

In this image the camera looks to the southeast from the Bowl, with the Physics Building, College Building, Saskatchewan Hall and Qu'Appelle Hall in view.

Better Farming Train

From 1914 to 1922 a Better Farming Train (BFT) toured the province providing lectures and demonstrations and presenting exhibits on matters pertaining to agriculture.

The Half-way House

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University Board of Governors

From 1908 until 1938, the University Board of Governors was made up of nine members: the President; three appointed by the provincial government; and five elected by the University Senate.

Distance Education

This September 1987 photo shows Michael Hayden, Professor of History, delivering a lecture.