U of S Canada 150 Project

What kind of Canada do YOU want in the next 50 years? That’s an important question for all Canadians as we celebrate our nation’s 150th birthday, and it’s particularly important for leading research universities like our own which are incubators of ideas that change the country and the world.

The U of S Canada 150 Project looks back over our university’s 110-year history to celebrate the many achievements of our faculty, students, staff and alumni who have helped shape Canada.

It looks to the present to see the many ways that our graduates are giving back to Canada through unique volunteer projects and how we’re striving to live the U of S values of diversity and inclusiveness, sustainability and collaboration – values perhaps more critical than ever before in the world today. 

And it looks ahead to 2067 by providing our community an opportunity to reflect on what Canada means to them and what it means to be Canadian. How do Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of our campus community work together to advance reconciliation?  How do we drive innovation in ways that will ensure a sustainable and prosperous nation? How do we best equip our students for a global world?

We're planning special events, projects and celebrations, so watch for updates on this website and mark your calendars so you don't miss out!

U of S Canada 150 Advisory Group

  • Karen Chad (Executive Sponsor)
  • Kathryn Warden (Project Leader)
  • Sandra Duarte (Project Manager)
  • Vera Pezer
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Candace Wasacase-Lafferty
  • Dean McNeill
  • Kathy Arney
  • Luke Muller
  • Kris Brown
  • Sharon Scott
  • Kehan Fu
  • Adrienne Thomas
  • Amanda MacKenzie
  • Jeff Drake
  • Andy Sargent

U of S "Canada 150" Citizens Selection Committee

  • Kelly McInnes (Chair)
  • Luke Muller
  • Gordon Desbrisay
  • Candace Wasacase-Lafferty
  • Andrea Eccleston
  • Kehan Fu


Please e-mail us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the U of S Canada 150 Project or any of the initiatives. Get in touch as well if you would like us to promote other Canada 150 activities happening on campus.