A.P. Arnason

This 1929 photo shows A.P. Arnason of the Division of Entomology, Science Service, Canada Department of Agriculture in Saskatoon, dusting a field of sweat clover with calcium arsenate.

Jean Gordon Bayer

Jean Gordon Bayer, shown in academic dress, joined the staff of the university in 1909 as President Walter Murray's secretary. She previously had been his secretary at Dalhousie University. She arrived in Saskatoon in time to witness the registration of the first students.

Electronic Brain

The first digital computer on campus, the LGP-30, was installed in the basement of the Crop Science Building in 1957.

Emrys Jones

Pictured here is Emrys Jones, who in 1944 was appointed the first professor of Drama at the University of Saskatchewan.

Winkona Frank

Taken some time during the First World War, this image is of the university’s first dining hall in the men’s residence, Qu’Appelle Hall. Seated at the table in the top right corner and facing the camera is Winkona Wheelock Frank, the university’s first dietician.

John Spinks

Pictured here is a young professor John Spinks in his Thorvaldson Building laboratory sometime in the early 1930s.

W.C. (Wes) MacAulay

W.C. (Wes) MacAulay, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, stands outside the Chemistry Building with a Plymouth Savoy presented to him by the Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Association in recognition of outstanding contributions to pharmaceutical education.

Planet Education

Planet Education is an example of the many unusually creative college introduction pages from the 1937 Greystone (student yearbook).

Thorbergur Thorvaldson

In the 1920s, Thorbergur Thorvaldson, the head of the Department of Chemistry, earned an international reputation for his work on Portland cement.

The Unashamed

On a Saturday night in 1931 a “non-existent organization” was born in Saskatoon. “The Unashamed” was a University of Saskatchewan faculty men’s group that met once a month to discuss new books and read plays.

Thomas Clifford "Van" Vanterpool

Thomas “Van” Vanterpool, who joined the university’s Department of Biology in 1928, brought a reputation as an outstanding athlete.

Murray Adaskin

Murray Adaskin composes at his piano in 1957.

Reginald John Godfrey Bateman (1883-1918)

Educated in Dublin, Reginald Bateman was among the first academic staff hired by the university in 1909.

Frederick Clinton Cronkite

When the Government of Canada passed an amendment to the Criminal Code in 1949 that made it an offence to “make, print, publish, distribute, sell or have possession for any purpose any crime comic,” The Canadian Press asked Dean of Law Frederick Cronkite for his opinion regarding the legislation.

Dairy Lab Staff

This image of the staff of the Dairy Lab was taken during the 1929-30 academic year. The Crop Science and Engineering Buildings are in the background.


In the photo from around 1960, C.D. Stewart, Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering, stands along the channel that was constructed on campus as part an irrigation research project. The ditch, pipe and pump were located just south of the CPR tracks. The city of Saskatoon can be seen in the background.

L.B. Jaques

Louis Barker Jaques was the first W.S. Lindsay Professor in the College of Medicine.

Douglas Knott

Dr. Douglas Knott of Crop Science inspects a field crop inside a laboratory sometime during the 1970s.

Duncan P. McColl

The first University employee was Duncan P. McColl, as Registrar.

Chief Robert Bear and Arthur. S. Morton

This photo of Chief Robert Bear and Arthur.S. Morton was taken at the John Smith (Muskoday) Reserve in August 1942.

Norman Wright

Norman Wright was born in Brantford, England, on March 19, 1881, and immigrated to Canada in the early 20th century and settled in Saskatoon.

William Orban and 5BX

Canada has seen several homegrown fitness movements and there has been a University of Saskatchewan connection with many of them.

William Rutherford

The above image is the “Winners of the Eaton Trophy — Manitoba Lawn Bowling Tournament — Aug 1925.”

Nik Semenoff Christmas Card

This image is from the Nik Semenoff Papers in the University Archives. It’s one among several Christmas cards that can be found that collection.

W.P. Thompson

A young W.P. Thompson is pictured playing tennis on the University grass courts just west of what is now the Faculty Club.

Emrys Jones

Pictured here is Emrys Jones, who in 1944 was appointed the first professor of Drama at the University of Saskatchewan.