University Archives & Special Collections, A-881. (Patrick Hayes)


In the photo from around 1960, C.D. Stewart, Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering, stands along the channel that was constructed on campus as part an irrigation research project. The ditch, pipe and pump were located just south of the CPR tracks. The city of Saskatoon can be seen in the background.

Information with the photo reads:

“A system of irrigation has been set up at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon so that a study may be made of the best methods of irrigation. Findings will be helpful when the South Saskatchewan dam brings irrigation to the province in six or seven years. The university’s project is under the direction of the Department of Agricultural Engineering, whose head Dr. C.D. Stewart, is shown standing along the main ditch near the point where the water enters the area after being pumped from the South Saskatchewan River about 300 yards away.”

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