University Archives & Special Collections, MG 167, II.1. (Patrick Hayes)

Winkona Frank

Taken some time during the First World War, this image is of the university’s first dining hall in the men’s residence, Qu’Appelle Hall. Seated at the table in the top right corner and facing the camera is Winkona Wheelock Frank, the university’s first dietician.

Hired by President Walter Murray in 1911, she set up the first dining room for students and faculty and was in charge of food service and university functions. She also gave demonstrations and instruction on the Extension Department’s Better Farming Train.

Frank lived on campus with her mother, Mrs. Frederick Frank, in a suite just to the left of the main entrance to Qu’Appelle Hall.

In 1918 she married A.M. Shaw, Professor of Agriculture and ended her employment at the U of S. She did, however, return to live on campus in 1927 when her husband was appointed Dean of Agriculture and took up residence in what is now the Faculty Club.

As wife of the dean, she hosted numerous receptions and dances. In 1937 the family moved to Ottawa, where Winkona Shaw died in 1948.

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