Master’s student Anil Borugadda kneels between rows of tea plants at a tea estate in Hangzhou, China

Anil Borugadda

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Year,
East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai, China

I went to East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai, China. I received Mitacs Globalink Award to do a short-term research project for four months.

I chose ECUST, China, as many graduate students are pursuing research on robotic mechanisms there. My thesis is based on the spherical mechanism (Agile Eye) research and the Complex and Intelligent Systems research lab at ECUST has working models of many robotic mechanisms (spherical mechanism, hand gripper, compliant mechanism and other spatial mechanisms) available.  I could interact with fellow students with their ongoing research on this mechanism and study completed graduate research work on this. 

ECUST encourages exchange student research as well. The number of graduate students pursuing Masters and PhD degrees in China is quite large. I was surprised to notice the amount of time being spent in labs for research work.

The Chinese food that is referred to around the world is actually a regional food with many regions having its own signature dish. Dapanji (Chicken Stew) and spicy hotpot are among my favourites. I learnt to cook few Chinese dishes. I would like to include the red chilli bean paste that I discovered here in my regular cooking.

Boruggada takes in the sites at Yunqi temple, Hangzhou, China
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