University Archives & Special Collections, A-6846. (Patrick Hayes)

Beaver Creek

This 1947 photo shows university shepherd John Eastman and sheep crossing a bridge over Beaver Creek.

The University of Saskatchewan has owned and leased several parcels of land in the Dundurn-Beaver Creek area. Some of the land, such as the 530-acre Joseph Proctor farm (1918), was bequeathed to the university while other parcels were purchased. 

Generally, the land in the area consists of a series of sand hills that the original homesteaders found made for poor farming. A half-section of land that straddles Beaver Creek was used by the University Farm as the headquarters for the summer grazing of its sheep flock.

The university obtained title to the land in 1936 and retained ownership until June 1953, when it was exchanged with the Crown for half a section further south.  

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