Raynell Andreychuk

Key contributions: The first woman from Saskatchewan to be appointed to the Senate, Andreychuk has contributed nationally and internationally to advancing human rights.

She’s a 1967 law graduate and was named as a provincial court judge in 1976. She established the first family court in Regina. She left the bench to serve as Saskatchewan’s associate deputy minister of social services and went on to a career as a Canadian diplomat, serving in Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, the Cormoros and Portugal.

She was Canada’s representative on the United Nations Human Right Commission and helped to establish the Senate Committee on Human Rights, serving as its chair for eight years.

She was named as Canada’s permanent representative to the UN Environment Program in 1990 and the UN’s Human Settlement Program. She was also Canada’s representative on the UN’s Human Rights Commission for five years until 1993, and is an ardent promoter of Ukraine’s struggle for democracy.

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