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Student Residence Room

The photo depicts a typical student dorm room from the 1920

The photo depicts a typical student dorm room from the 1920s.

A student residence, Saskatchewan Hall, was among the first group of buildings to rise on campus.

The university had decided to have a residence rather than fraternity system for student housing, believing residences were more democratic. Students began to live on campus in 1912.

Saskatchewan Hall, with a dining hall and kitchen, was built roughly in the shape of an “F” and was intended to “hold comfortably about one hundred and fifty.”

In his first annual report, President Walter Murray noted that one wing of the building, with room for 30 people, “will be shut off from the main building and devoted to the use of the women students until their numbers force the building of a separate residence.”

A second residence, Qu’Appelle Hall, was opened in 1916. It was intended as a men’s residence and included a swimming pool and a dining hall that doubled as a gymnasium.

The university would not significantly expand residential space until the 1960s.

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