University Archives & Special Collections, A-10841. (Patrick Hayes)

Cheer for the Engineers!

“We are! We are! We are the Engineers!”

“We are! We are! We are the Engineers!”

The cheer that’s often shouted when engineering students gather in groups is nearly as old as the college itself. This photo of a group of students with survey equipment is dated Nov. 20, 1914, and was taken in front of the original Engineering Building.

The College of Engineering began with a small department of Agricultural Engineering within the College of Agriculture in 1910. Civil engineering classes were taught within the College of Arts and Science in 1912, and a School of Engineering was established within the college a year later.

The school "closed for the duration" in 1916 when its professor and all six students enlisted for war service and reopened in 1920. It obtained college status a year later.

The department of Agricultural Engineering became part of the college in 1924
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