University Archives & Special Collections, MG 85. (Patrick Hayes)

University Pool

For five decades the pool in the basement of Qu'Appelle Hall was a centre for campus recreation.

Originally known simply as “Student’s Residence No. 2,” the name Qu’Appelle Hall was first mentioned in the minutes of the Board of Governor’s executive committee in September 1916.

A men’s residence, the building included a swimming pool, lockers purchased from the YMCA, and a dining hall that doubled as a gymnasium “rendering the Physical Training, which all must take, a pleasure not a penance.”

The pool was used for recreation and inter-collegiate diving, swimming and water polo events. The pool was 45’ 6” long, 18’ 6” wide, and between 7’ 6” and 8’ 6” deep, and featured a spring board at one end. It was surrounded by a terrazzo floor and had separate shower and change rooms.

By 1960 the facility was showing its age and became redundant with the completion of the Physical Education Pool addition in 1964.

The featured image was taken sometime in the 1950s and is from the Edith Simpson collection.

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