University Archives & Special Collections, MG 167. (Patrick Hayes)

Anne and Buster

Did you ever want a pony? Did you ever wish you could have grown up on campus?

Anne Shaw experienced both. This image was taken in the early 1930s in front of Grey Gables, the Dean of Agriculture’s Residence that’s now the Faculty Club.

Anne was the daughter of John Alexander Malcolm Shaw, dean of Agriculture from 1929 until 1937. Shaw was an outstanding pioneer in Saskatchewan agriculture and played a leading role in the development of livestock breeding and of agricultural marketing in Canada.

He left the University of Saskatchewan in 1937 to become director of the newly formed marketing service in the federal Department of Agriculture.

In 1950 he became chair of the Agricultural Prices Support Board, and from 1953 to 1955 he chaired the Royal Commission on Agriculture in Newfoundland.

Shaw retired in 1958 and died on 16 Aug. 16, 1974 in Ottawa. His wife, Winkona Shaw (nee Winkona Wheelock Frank) was the university’s first dietician and lived on campus from 1918 until 1937. 

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