(Photo credit: Royal Roads University)

Ted Hughes

Key contributions: Perhaps best known for his tireless work as chief adjudicator in Indian residential school settlement claims, Hughes also made a remarkable contribution nationally as chief federal treaty negotiator.

Since obtaining his LLB in 1950, Hughes went on to a distinguished career that saw him serve as the conflict of interest commissioner for Yukon and the Northwest Territories, and chair numerous commissions of inquiry throughout Western Canada and the North.

His 2006 review of British Columbia’s child welfare system recommended more than 60 reforms and has been described as “one of the most balanced, thoughtful and reflective (inquiries) that has had such clear touchstones for change.”

He called on the B.C. government to increase funding for children’s services, appoint an independent advocate for children, demand more accountability from its Ministry of Children and Families, and to work closely with the Aboriginal community to ensure child protection workers have the training and resources to safeguard children.

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