(Photo credit: CUPE.ca)

Bill Rafoss

Key contributions: Acclaimed on June 4 as board chair of Amnesty International Canada, Rafoss has been on the organization’s board since 2015.

Amnesty has been advocating for the federal government to prioritize human rights, provide aid to refugees in crisis and proceed with a national inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.

With M.A.s from the U of S in 1974 and 2005, Rafoss worked for the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission for 25 years as an investigator until he retired in 2012. He has taught political studies as a sessional lecturer at the U of S since 2006.

Rafoss has served as president of the Saskatoon refugee resettlement agency, Global Gathering Place, been an election observer in Kenya, and assisted with training human rights agencies in Mongolia, the Cayman Islands and South Sudan.

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