U of S Canada 150 Forum on the Future of Health Care in Canada

Canada 150 Events

Event in partnership with the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

In November 2002, the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care (aka, Romanow Commission) issued a report that outlined 47 detailed, costed recommendations with implementation time frames that encompassed three themes:

  • Medicare requires strong leadership and improved governance to ensure it remains a national asset.
  • The health care system should be more responsive, efficient, and more accountable to Canadians.
  • The health care system requires short-term strategic investments to address priority concerns, as well as long-term investments to make the system more sustainable.

Now, almost 16 years later, the U of S Canada 150 Project and the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, are interested in trying to identify where we, as a nation and province, go from here when considering health reform.

The event will have as emcee U of S Chancellor Roy Romanow (former Saskatchewan premier and head of the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (2001-2002)) and keynote speaker Greg Marchildon (Chief Executive Officer to the Romanow Royal Commission, and Ontario Research Chair in Health Policy and System Design at the University of Toronto, and JSGS Adjunct Professor).

The keynote address will be followed by a panel discussion with:

  • Daniel Béland (Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and JSGS Professor at the University of Saskatchewan), and
  • JoLee Sasakamoose (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Regina, and Research Affiliate, Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre)

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please register online.

The event will also be live-streamed here.

Event Details

04:30 PM - 06:00 PM
Convocation Hall, Peter MacKinnon Building


Sandra Duarte