2017 Indspire Youth Tour

On May 30, 2017, the University of Saskatchewan partnered with Indspire to bring the Indspire Cross Canada Youth Laureate Tour to our campus. In the form of a panel discussion, the event showcased local Indspire Awards laureates to dialogue with local Indigenous and non-indigenous students, educators, parents and the community about the importance of a solid education.

If you missed the event, make sure you view the video and meet Host Moderator, Suzette Amaya, and the three inspiring Indigenous Youth Laureates, Andrea Dykstra (Indspire Award Received: 2006 Youth – First Nation), Josh Butcher (Indspire Award Received: 2017 Youth – Metis), and Fauna Kingdon (Indspire Award Received: 2005 Youth – Metis).

Check out as well the video interview with Josh Butcher, U of S medical student and former Huskie football player who was honoured by Indspire for his remarkable achievements both in and out of the classroom.

2017 Indspire Youth Tour comes to U of S
Interview with Indspire Award winner Josh Butcher

Images of research

Knowledge is beautiful. Images of Research Photography and Imaging Competition celebrates the most visually impressive and clearly described images of U of S research.

U of S students, staff, faculty and alumni submitted images of their groundbreaking research, scholarly and artistic work in four categories: From the field; More than meets the eye; Community and impact; and Research in action. For the first time this year, students, faculty and staff also submitted 60-second videos  describing how their research makes a difference for Canada.

The competition received 100 entries, including 12 video research pitches from across campus and beyond, with more than 8,700 visitors to the website from 30 countries. Researchers with the best entries were awarded prizes. The winning images are on display on the web and in Place Riel, north concourse from April 11-13, and April 17-18.

Images of Research: Grand Prize Winner

Two pigs. Two Nations. One health. Taryn Roberts, third-year student in veterinary medicine

Making a Difference: Winner

A story of the understory: Mosses in the boreal forest Mélanie Jean - Biology

Biogenius Entrance Prize

The U of S Canada 150 Project allocated a total of $1,200 to this initiative. Each of the eight participating high school students in the Saskatchewan Regional Competition of the 2017 Sanofi Biogenius Canada competition were awarded a U of S “Canada 150” Biogenius Entrance Prize, a $150 tuition waiver that would be applied to the student’s account if he or she chooses to attend the U of S.


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Connecting the U of S to the World

U of S "Canada 150" Study Abroad Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

As part of the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, the U of S created a number of new scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. The first 4 of a total of 12 U of S "Canada 150" Study Abroad Undergraduate Scholarships were awarded for travel in spring and summer 2017. The next deadline is August 15, 2017 (more info here). Here are the recipients:

Delainey Guigon is a sociology student in the College of Arts and Science student. This summer she is participating in the Intercordia Canada program through St. Thomas More College. She will be volunteering with a community in Ecuador and immersing herself in the local culture by living with a host family.

Taylor Peters is a nursing student. This summer she will be spending three months in Uganda through the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Project focusing on issues related to food security and sustainability.

Stephanie Kane is a finance student in the Edwards School of Business. She will be spending the summer in South Africa as an International Law and Human Rights intern gaining experience and knowledge about human rights issues.

Katie Elliott is a College of Medicine student, who is currently completing an Indigenous Health Placement in Australia to gain experience in Global and Indigenous health issues. The placement is part of a unique program that combines academic courses with a variety of service learning experiences.

U of S "Canada 150" International Graduate Student Fellowship Recipient

As part of the U of S Canada 150 Project, the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is offering the opportunity to an international graduate student to promote international activities, study abroad opportunities, and the internationalization strategy. The Fellowship was awarded to Kassondra “Soni” Collins who will act as an ambassador for other students to encourage study abroad participation as a valuable life-long learning experience, and, as a means to develop a global perspective and approach to addressing the world’s problems. Here is some information about Soni:

Kassondra “Soni” Collins is a PhD student in the College of health Sciences, who is conducting research on phantom limb control and function in amputees. Soni transferred to the UofS in June from Memphis Tennessee to continue her studies. As an international student herself, Soni is excited about the opportunity to increase the interest of other graduate students to explore their opportunities abroad and hopes to increase the amount of students who take advantage of such amazing experiences.

U of S "Canada 150" Graduate Student Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

The College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is offering 13 scholarships, valued at $3,000 each, to domestic graduate students who will study abroad in the 2017-2018 academic year (check here for more information). Here are the first recipients:

Anil Borugadda is a graduate student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. He will be an exchange research student going to the East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China, later this year. His current research topic is on dynamic control of robotic mechanisms using AKP methodology that was developed at the U of S. He considers this research collaboration opportunity with the Chinese University both interesting and motivating and is looking forward to it.

Desneige Meyer is a Interdisciplinary PhD student at the U of S. She completed her Master of Public Health practicum in Arusha, Tanzania last year. This fall she will return to Tanzania to further her research into programs that facilitate symbiotic support between two or more vulnerable populations.
Brooklyn Nemetchek is a Masters of Nursing student in the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. She is currently in Mbarara, Uganda, conducting her thesis work around paediatric mortality post-discharge in resource-poor countries in collaboration with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Trust and researchers from the University of British Columbia.

Ashley Dolovich is a masters student in the College of Education, in the Department of Curriculum Studies. Her research is focused on multicultural inclusion and culturally responsive education. This summer she will be traveling to the University of Helsinki in Finland, to take a course which examines the role of worldview and religion in public education. Ashley is excited to learn about the Finnish education system, and looks forward to gaining knowledge about the culturally inclusive practices in Finland’s public schools. 

Scenes of Plains Peoples

A Musical Piece Composition Project

Scenes of Plains Peoples is a piece commissioned by the University of Saskatchewan to commemorate both the 150th bicentenary of Canada, and the 110th Anniversary of the University of Saskatchewan. The piece, by U of S Alumni Paul Suchan (BEd’07, BMus’07), is a celebration of the land and of the different peoples that have inhabited it. The piece was performed by the UofS Wind Orchestra, the Jazz Ensemble and the Greystone Singers.

This video presents the performance by U of S Jazz Ensemble that took place on March 26, 2017 at the U of S campus.

Scenes of Plains Peoples - 3rd Movement
Photo Credit: Louis Christ
Photo Credit: Louis Christ
Photo Credit: Louis Christ
Photo Credit: Louis Christ
Photo Credit: Louis Christ
Photo Credit: Louis Christ
Photo Credit: Louis Christ
Photo Credit: Louis Christ

U of S Jazz Ensemble in concert with JUNO winning First Nations artist Murray Porter

The following videos present the performance by the U of S Jazz Ensemble in concert with JUNO winning First Nations artist Murray Porter that took place on March 26, 2017 at the U of S campus.

University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble - Can't Help falling in Love
University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble - “500 Years” with Introductions
The University Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble featuring Murray Porter - Is Sorry Enough
The University Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble featuring Murray Porter - Rez Blues
The University Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble featuring Murray Porter - Colours
University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble featuring Murray Porter - “500 Years”

Canada 150 Youth Essay Contest

The University of Saskatchewan, along with the University of Regina, was pleased to present the Saskatoon StarPhoenix and Regina Leader-Post Canada 150 Youth Essay Contest for students enrolled in Grades 8-12 in Saskatchewan schools. Students wrote essays of a maximum of 800 words on one of the following topics:

  • Imagine the ultimate Canadian action hero and describe one of his or her adventures.
  • How do you imagine Canada will look in 150 years?
  • Write about a time when you were proud to be Canadian. What made you proud and what made you feel especially Canadian?

Newsroom staff picked five finalists (read a selection of the top entries here), and Saskatoon writer Yann Martel selected the top three essays.

First Place ($1,000) - We are Canadian

by Kathleen Smith of Prince-Albert
I sit on the bus, earphones in, music blasting. Not so surprisingly, it’s an American singer, but that’s what everyone listens to.
I take my bag off of the seat next to me, knowing that we’re coming to the stop outside the YMCA. It’s an organization that helps community members, helps people find homes and jobs, recently helping refugees resettle into this new and bizarre land...

Second Place ($500) - And I am proud to be a Canadian… 

by Sania Sami of Saskatoon
On May 1, I woke up with a sound scattering around me because my parents were about to take the Canadian citizenship test.
The wind was blowing and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. They were excited and were wishing themselves good luck to pass the test...
Screen grab from Sania's video
Watch Sania's video

Third Place ($250) - Becoming Canadian 

by Xinyi Zhang of Saskatoon
I hear a woman’s voice through the loudspeakers, but I cannot understand what she is announcing.
My eyes act as if they have been deprived of sight. Fair toned people with light coloured hair and blue eyes pass by me and I dare not stare too long. Sometimes a stranger and I make eye contact. I turn away every time, but it is never before I see a smile that grows across his/her face.