Canada 150 Citizens

As part of the U of S Canada 150 Project, the University of Saskatchewan is proud to recognize 10 remarkable members of the university community as U of S Canada 150 Citizens. These individuals have significantly contributed to Canada becoming a more diverse, inclusive and environmentally sustainable country.

The honourees were nominated by members of the public, and were selected for exemplifying the Canada 150 themes of diversity and inclusion, reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, environment and youth. Congratulations to the following individuals for their contributions to enriching Canada’s present and future:


Discoveries with impact


U of S nation builders

Individuals from Saskatchewan have played a disproportionately large role on the national stage and beyond in championing human rights and social justice, with their contributions helping to build a nation.

It’s particularly noteworthy that many of those who have had key roles in creating, promoting and defending laws that safeguard the fundamental rights of Canadians -- and indeed of others around the world -- have deep roots in the University of Saskatchewan.  Here are a few contributors from a long list.

Young innovators

Student researchers at the U of S are harnessing creativity and drive to make discoveries and uncover new knowledge in areas that matter to Canadians.

A century of generosity

Our University of Saskatchewan community is well known for its many contributions to Canada and the world. From innovations in agriculture to discoveries in human health, the impact of our faculty, staff, students and alumni is considerable and continues to resonate into the future. 


Project successes

Through a wide range of projects, the U of S is celebrating Canada’s anniversary of Confederation. Check the many successes these projects are having.

Research in the news